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Poker Variant to Be Recognized as a Sport?

Posted by: James Carter. - Fri, 2016-04-01 05:52

Poker Variant to Be Recognized as a Sport?

To all those who actively play it, poker is and will always remain a game. Sure, some may consider it a game of skill rather than luck, while according to others, the luck element dominates in it. Few people ever thought about promoting poker as a sport, which is exactly what SportAccord are doing with a variant of the game called Match Poker. SportAccord is an umbrella organization for a number of sports federations, Olympic as well as non-Olympic and their goal is to promote their members, furthering their cause in a variety of ways. What they have come up with now is a push to turn the International Poker Federation's Match Poker into a legitimate sport. In order for it to be declared a sport, any game or standardized form of activity has to fulfill a number of criteria.
The first such criteria is that there has to be a competitive element to the proposed sport. There should be no luck element which is specifically integrated into the sport. The sport must not pose an undue health risk to those taking part in it, and it should not harm any living creature in any way. The equipment used for the sport should not be provided by a single supplier.
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Games like Holdem and Omaha are obviously non-starters here, because of the luck element on which they're built. Match Poker on the other hand is a creation of the IPF, which regards it as a team sport. While it is based on Holdem, the ways the teams are split up and seated at the different tables makes it so that the element of chance is completely eliminated.
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