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Updated Sun, 2008-04-06 13:42

Pokerroom Software - Play Poker Online

PokerRoom (bwin)

Deposit Bonus:
100% up to $500

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US Accepted
bwin-300x250_poker_bonus.gif is one of the most popular up-and-coming poker rooms on the internet these days. Their range of downloadable online poker clients reflects this aggressive marketing approach: they want to reach out to as wide an audience as possible.
Besides the regular windows client, they offer a downloadable software package for Mac and Linux users as well. Tapping into a previously unexplored market-segment, they offer online poker clients for mobile phones too.

PokerRoom boasts a windows install kit that is only 452KB big, and it downloads in about 1-2 seconds. Make no mistake though, a high-end poker client like the Boss Media one, takes up some space on your hard-drive and the kit will have to download files from the internet. All that works fairly fast though. All you need to do during installation is to follow the instructions and you’ll be OK.

Once installation is completed, the software starts up automatically and attempts to connect to the internet. If you cannot connect, check your built-in firewall settings. Online poker rooms trying to up and download data to- and from the internet are regarded as a threat by most firewalls. Change your firewall settings. If you find yourself unable to, contact the support.

Also check your anti-virus software. If you check all those factors off the list and you still cannot connect, check whether you’re connected to the internet through a router. If so, it’s most probably the router’s internal firewall preventing you from getting in on the action. Change the router firewall settings or call for specialist help.

Once the software is installed, you will need to create a Poker Room account to be allowed to take a seat at a table. I ran into some problems while creating the account. If the same happens to you, do not hesitate to contact support.

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