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The Champion Chip

PokerRoom (bwin) Promotion

Deposit Bonus:
100% up to $500

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US Accepted
bwin-300x250_poker_bonus.gif In the online poker industry, it is a sign of greatness when a poker room can afford to host a weekly tournament featuring a massive guaranteed prize pool. These tournaments act as magnets for the highest stakes players and they represent some fabulous money making opportunities for the regular small stakes players of the site.’s own high stakes weekly event is called the Champion Chip and it features a prize pool of $300,000. The guaranteed prize pool means that the prize pool is sure to be AT LEAST $300,000 big, but provided there’s enough interest, it may well get much bigger too.

The Champion Chip itself costs $350+$25 to enter, but there are several opportunities to win a seat for much less.

You can choose to satellite your way in either through SNGs or through Scheduled MTTs. The SNGs start as low as $1+$0.1 (the daily Lucky Dollar SNGs). Those who win one of these, advance to the Stage 1 SNGs, then to the Stage 2 ones which offer direct access to the Champion Chip. It is also possible to buy into the Stage 2 SNG directly, skipping the Lucky Dollar and the Stage 1.
MTTs are all direct access ones. They offer buy-ins from $2+$0.2 to $50+$4. Make sure you use your Champion Chip ticket in a timely manner as it carries a 35-day validity.

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