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Too Little Too Late for Lederer

Posted by: Randy Williams - Fri, 2016-05-27 07:45

Too Little Too Late for Lederer

A few days ago, we ran a piece about ex-Full Tilt Poker boss Howard Lederer's apology, issued through Daniel Negreanu's Full Contact Poker blog, an apology which seems to have missed its mark by a large margin with the majority of the poker community. The bottom line about it is - as we have pointed it out then - that the apology seems little more than a half-hearted attempt at trying to get back into the WSOP by prodding the general anger to subside faster. Unfortunately for Lederer, the community was on to his antics and simply refused to accept his apology, which this way ended up having just the opposite effect to the one intended: it riled up players again. Though he did say he was accepting "full" responsibility for the Full Tilt Poker fiasco, Lederer then actually returned to passing "full" blame onto some other - unidentified - forces at Full Tilt, who were able to pull the wrongdoings as he failed to properly supervise them. This is apparently just the sort of approach that will not fly with poker players, especially those who never managed to recover any money from the site's doomed coffers.
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Judging by the unbridled vitriol unleashed on the comments pages of poker news sites by Lederer's apology, it's safe to say it would not be a particularly wise decision on his part to show up at this year's WSOP. Security around him would have to be stepped up and it would all result in quite the scene, something that he presumably wants to avoid. The bottom line is: the time is not yet right for his return to the biggest poker stage, and at the current pace, it may not be right for a good few years to come.
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