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TCOOP Main Event - Dinesh Alt Wins, Breaks Record

Posted by: James Carter. - Wed, 2016-02-03 11:19

TCOOP Main Event - Dinesh Alt Wins, Breaks Record

This past weekend was a major one at PokerStars: besides all the regular action, the TCOOP wrapped up its 50-event run with its Main Event, which ended up giving away a record-breaking top prize. Scores of players walked away with big monies from various tournament tables at the site, but the $396.6k, taken down by Dinesh Alt in the TCOOP Main Event, topped everything else. The guarantee for the poker tournament was a massive $2 million, but the participants combined buy-ins for a prize-pool of $2.71 million, effectively leaving the initial guarantee in the dust. The $700 buy-in - while steep for an average recreational player - was quite reasonable in light of the potential prizes. Some 4,077 players agreed with that, posting the buy-in and playing in the event.
The player Alt defeated heads-up was Norway's Oscar Kroon, who struck a heads-up deal with the eventual winner. According to the said deal, the money was split almost down the middle, with $40k left to play for. Despite the fact that he missed out on that chunk of change, Kroon had no reasons to mourn: he took down some $346k so it was not a bad effort on his part after all.
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The final hand of the Main Event saw Kroon's Qs, 5s go up against Alt's Ah, Jh. The odds on the starting hands held as the board fell Kd, 2d, 4s, 8d, 6h, missing both pocket hands and handing the $40k still on the table to Alt.
With this haul, Alt now has some $1.3 million in online tournament winnings.
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