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bwin Poker's New Tournament Calendar

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bwin-300x250_poker_bonus.gif bwin Poker's tournament selection has always been great and that hasn't changed a bit with the thematic overhaul that they've pushed in their new tournament calendar. The new system is a boxing-themed one, featuring different weight-classes for players of different bankroll-sizes. The site uses a number of boxing analogies to depict the new tournament calendar, but the gist of it all is that everyone will find something to suit his/her taste/bankroll.
The first tournament tier, called the "Featherweight" features buy-ins of up to $11. The low buy-ins mean that the tournaments are indeed accessible for the masses, and they don't mean the prize-pools are meager as well. In fact, some of the prize-pools are indeed surprisingly generous within this tier. Just how much guarantee does money buy in this category though? For instance, they have a $2.2 buy-in, 6-max event, which offers a $1k guarantee. For $2.2 though, one can also buy into a $5k Hyper Rebuy event. The largest event in this tier is the $10k Gtd Rebuy, which only costs $5.5, so the value there is indeed pretty obvious.
Join bwin Poker now and take advantage of the superb value their guarantees deliver through the new boxing-themed tournament calendar.

The Middle weight tier includes tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $11 to $55. Interestingly enough, the guarantees in this tier are not that much better than in the previous one, although the higher tournament buy-ins probably mean there will be fewer players playing in them, thus the individual odds will be much better. A $55 buy-in for instance, buys one access to a $15k prize-pool, in the $15k Gtd Rebuy, which runs every day from Monday to Friday. This is about the most generous tournament in the Middleweight tier too.
The Heavyweight tier features tournaments with buy-ins of up to $109. The prize-pools here are much more generous as well: in the Heavyweight : Uppercut for instance, the $109 buy-in gets one access to a prize-pool of $25k, but that's far from the richest event of the category, which is the Heavyweight: Main Event, that features a guarantee of $100k, for the same buy-in. Obviously, these events are extremely popular, despite the more substantial buy-ins, so expecting less competition in them is just not realistic.
Those who have the bankrolls and who are out to play for truly massive prize-pools will love the High Roller tier, which offers access to prize-pools of $25k - $100k for $350-$1,050 buy-ins.
Register a bwin Poker account now and hit their tournament tables. Some of their regulars are absolutely bristling with value, and the competition is rather loose in some of these tournaments too.

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