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bwin Poker's SNG Challenge

bwin Poker Promotion

Deposit Bonus:
100% up to $500

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US Accepted
bwin-300x250_poker_bonus.gif Taking down a little bonus money never hurt anybody's bankroll and at bwin Poker, players can do just that by simply playing in the site's Sit'n Gos which are among the best bankroll-builders anyway. The promotion runs all the time, kicking off on every Monday and wrapping up on Sundays, when the fulfillment of the promotional objectives is assessed and the prizes as awarded. By taking part in this promotion (and everyone who has a real money account at bwin Poker can take part without any further actions), players can take down as much as $100 in bonus money every week. How exactly does it work though and what are the above mentioned promotional goals?
In order to pick up a $5 bonus, players have to generate 1 poker point at the SNG tables for 4 days out of the 7. Those who keep up this same level of production for the full 7 days, get a $10 reward. Obviously, the more poker points one generates per day, the bigger the bonus rewards shall be: a player who generates 5 poker points for 4 days, gets a $15 bonus. The same production kept up for 7 days is worth $20 in bonus money.
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Those who log a daily production of 25 poker points for 4 days, are rewarded with $35, while the same production over a 7 day period is worth $40.
Players who log more volume and manage to generate 50 poker points daily for 4 days, get a $45 bonus. These same players can take home as much as $50 if they keep up the production for the full 7 days. Last, but certainly not least, those who generate 100 points per day for 4 days, get a $75 bonus, while keeping up this production for 7 days, they are able to grab the promotional maximum of $100.
The above detailed poker point amounts are minimums, meaning that players need to generate at least that much to get into the right bonus tier. For instance, a player who generates between 6 and 24 poker points daily over 4 days, gets a $15 bonus. Another player who generates 51 points for 4 days and then just 1 point over the remaining 7 days of the week, gets the $45 - which corresponds to a 50 point production for 4 days, instead of the $10 that he would get for generating 1 daily point for 7 days.
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