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Updated Tue, 2014-04-22 10:09

Bwin Poker’s “Under the Gun” Daily Challenges

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bwin-300x250_poker_bonus.gif Being Under the Gun (the first to act in a hand) is the worst position one can be in at the poker tables. Most players lose money when sitting under the gun, but some of them lose less than others – it all depends on how good one is at poker strategy. How one handles being under the gun will eventually have a huge word to say in whether or not he’ll be a long-term winner, and just how big a winner he’ll be. Bwin Poker’s Under the Gun promotion is about a series of challenges which players have to complete on a daily basis in order to secure valuable freeroll entries. The promotion has kicked off on April 11, which means that quite a number of challenges are already in the books, but it only wraps up on May 1, so there are still 9 more challenges to complete and 9 more $1k Under the Gun freeroll tickets to pick up.
Sign up to Bwin poker right now and waste no time! You could still theoretically secure $9k in value by taking down the Under the Gun freeroll tickets and playing to win.

Players have 24 hours to complete each challenge, and while that may seem like plenty of time to complete the not-too-daunting task, things can sneak up on people. Completing as many challenges as possible may soon become a chore and those who cannot handle the pressure will soon begin missing out on opportunities.
The daily challenges themselves are not particularly scary: on April 22 for instance, players are required to play in a real money scheduled MTT. Other challenges include earning a poker point at any of the games, earning a poker point at the FastForward Poker tables, earning a point in a SNG and making a deposit.
The promotion is obviously meant to involve players in real money action, and the rewards, as easily attainable as they are, are indeed quite generous.

The freerolls to which the daily challenges provide tickets, run 5 times every day. Players will have to be careful to use up all their freeroll tickets by the end of the promotional period (March 2), or they will all become void.
Only poker points accrued at the real money tables count towards the promotion. All the standard terms and conditions which apply to Bwin’s Poker’s regular promotions are valid for the “Under the Gun” promotion as well.
Open a real money account at Bwin Poker right now and use their Under the Gun freerolls to build your bankroll.

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