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Updated Tue, 2010-06-15 11:07

Beat the Brunson 10 at DoylesRoom

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If you beat the best at home, then you never have to worry about the rest: Beat the Brunson 10 and make big bucks and an even bigger reputation.

Away goals are considered more valuable than home goals in football for the pure and simple reason, that when you’re at home you play better, you feel more comfortable, you’re more confident. This is true for football, but what about poker? As online poker players we take our comfort for granted, but then when we face players whose homes are the sites we’re playing them at, are we still as comfortable? DoylesRoom puts the question to the test every second Monday, and if you take out one of the Brunson 10 at home, you get an extra prize.

Beat the Brunson 10 is a bounty tournament that runs every other Monday at the online poker site DoylesRoom, and the home players are there to represent the site as well as try to protect their reputations, and their behinds. The entry to the tournament is $10 + 10 + 2, of which of course the first $10 goes in to the prize pool and the second is the bounty on your head.  As everyone has the same buy-in they have the same bounty – that means you get $10 per player you take down. There are however some members of the DoylesRoom online poker community who do not fit into this category. The poker forum posts have been talking about them, and here you get to meet them – the Brunson 10, and yes they are as formidable as they seem to be. If you take down any of the Brunson 10 in the course of the bounty tournament you will win not $10 but $500.

They say that bad things happen in threes, but sometimes good things can happen in threes too. In addition to the regular bounty and the Brunson 10 bounty, if you win the tournament you of course get the first place prize, but on top of that DoylesRoom will throw in an extra $1,000 in congratulatory cash.

The next Beat the Brunson 10 tournament is scheduled to be held on Monday June 28th at 9 pm ET.

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