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Updated Sun, 2010-11-28 04:32

Best Bonus for Brunson’s Head at DoylesRoom

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The next Doyle’s Bounty tournament is around the corner and with $50,000 potentially with your name it, can you afford not to play?

The best thing about DoylesRoom is that you might bump into the owner of the joint, Doyle Brunson himself. The best thing about the Doyle’s $50,000 Bounty tournament is that you might knock the grandfather of poker out of the game, earning yourself a great bonus for your efforts.

The Doyle’s $50,000 Bounty is a highlight at the online poker site DoylesRoom and with the next one coming soon it’s time to think about getting yourself registered. This bounty tournament rewards players for knocking out the DoylesRoom pros, but with a hugely heightened bonus payout. Any member of the DoylesRoom online poker community who manage to knock out a single pro player will receive a bonus of $1,000. Should the same player knock out two pros, they will get $10,000, and a 3rd knock out will result in a bonus payout of $50,000. In addition to that, there’s a twist for Brunson himself. Many people know that Doyle Brunson became WSOP champion not once, but twice with 10/2. If any members of the online poker community therefore knock him out with a 10/2, the online poker site will award them with a $5,000 bonus. In addition to the bounty opportunities the winner of the tournament will receive a bonus of $5,000 in DoylesCasino chips.

It costs only $27.50 to enter the Doyle’s $50,000 Bounty the next one of which will be held on December 1st at 9:30 pm ET. Alternatively you could start satelliting your way to the tournament on a daily basis. There are daily satellites for the Doyle’s Bounty starting from as little as $0.29 for Multi Table Tournaments, or $2.75 + $0.25 for Sit and Go satellites.

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