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Updated Mon, 2010-05-03 13:12

Big Money Door Crashers at DoylesRoom

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You’ve heard of gate crashers; well the Door Crashers Super Value tournaments that are now running at DoylesRoom will take that concept to a whole new level.

A gate crasher is kind of the ultimate survivor of the fittest; he sees what he wants and he gets it no matter what stands in his way – in this case a gate! Well whether you’re a free poker fan, an online poker sites junkie, or just a sturdy member of the online poker community, the Door Crashers Supervalue tournaments running at DoylesRoom right now will sure separate the fittest from the faintest, and those that break through will be looking at a very tidy prize for their efforts – thanks DoylesRoom!

You might have read about the Door Crashers already on a poker forum, but here’s everything you need to know. The promotion is running at DoylesRoom from now all the way through to May 14th and all members of the DoylesRoom online poker community are welcome to take part. The special Door Crashers tournaments will be announced via a pop up, and that’s when the scramble will begin. From the moment that the poker site announces the tournament, players will have just 10 minutes to bust the door down and to claim a seat. As you might imagine, those who are slow off the mark; more interested in free poker than fast poker, should probably give this one a miss. However for those of you who have a poker odds calculator for a brain, this will be right down your street. Each of the Door Crashers Supervalue Tournaments will have an extra bundle of cash added – and when we say an extra bundle, we mean quite a large bundle; $20k to be precise. The tournaments themselves will have buy-ins of anything from 1 Gold Chip to $30, not much for such a big added prize pool!

The pressure for who’s the fittest isn’t over however – all of these tournaments will be severely limited in number. In some cases the tournaments will be limited to 30 players, in some, just 10! So, if you think that you’re lean, and mean, and enough of a fighting machine to Door Crash your way into this party; knock ‘em down, the game is on!

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