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Updated Thu, 2010-05-06 13:11

Prime Time Fights at DoylesRoom

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There’s a new tournament on the block and there’s fighting talk to be heard: it’s the Prime Time Fights at DoylesRoom.

There’s nothing like a bit of well focused aggression, challenged malice, and plain old die hard attitude. DoylesRoom has encapsulated all of these things with their Prime Time Fights. Like we were always told when we were kids, there’s a right time for everything, and you can’t have members of the poker site picking each other off freely and constantly, and so DoylesRoom is creating a right time to take down your mates.

The members of the DoylesRoom online poker community are invited to convene every Tuesday and Thursday night for some fighting talk and big time action. The Prime Time Fights will take place each Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30 pm ET, and if you turn up you’d better be prepared to fight for the bounty on your head. Every single member of the poker site who takes part will have a $5 bounty on his head; this isn’t free poker, but with a buy-in of just $30 + 3 it’s getting pretty close. Whilst the bounty is in and of itself pretty nice, especially at this buy-in cost, there is a whole lot more to the Prime Time Fights than meets the eye. For starters, all DoylesRoom participants will be ranked on leaderboards, both monthly and weekly. These leaderboards will result in additional prizes being giving away, amongst them the opportunity to fight the best – one of the Brunson 10! The leaderboard is climbed by taking out as many of your fellow players as possible – the more bounties you get the higher you climb on the board. 

The Prime Time Fights join a number of other high profile tournaments at the online poker site. Coming up is the $100,000 Weekly Guaranteed Tournament the next one of which is to take place on May 9th, and don’t forget at the end of the month the poker site will be running a $200,000 Monthly Guaranteed Tournaments. Remember that you can often free poker play your way into these tournaments, so with free poker on the table and a fight in the air, there’s only good times ahead at DoylesRoom.

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