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Updated Wed, 2010-03-03 07:54

Turbo Gold Card March Madness at DoylesRoom

Doyles Room Promotion

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There’s extra bonus earning opportunities this month at DoylesRoom as their Turbo Gold Card March Madness promotion offers double and even quadruple Gold Card earning capabilities.

Turbo Gold Card March Madness means just one thing this month at DoylesRoom; earning Gold Cards at super speed. Not only are there extra bonuses and thus extra and quicker rewards up for grabs, but they couldn’t be easier to win in this very straight forward poker promotion.

The promotion is going to work like this: throughout March each hour is divided into 4 quarters and each quarter has a different Gold Card earning pace. So for example between 00:01 and 00:15:59 you could earn quadruple your usual Gold Cards. Conversely between 00:31 and 00:45:59 you could earn double your Gold Cards.  Thereby if you play wisely this month you could be in for a huge Gold Card bonus of up to quadruple your usual earning power.

That’s not all however; DoylesRoom is also running an extra Ace of Club Bonus between now and March 17th. This again is very straight forward and everyone can benefit from it. If you collect one Ace of Clubs Gold Card during the promotional period you’ll get a payout from DoylesRoom of $100. The Ace of Club bonus must be won on Ring Games and customers services must be contacted immediately on winning.

So there you have it; two simple, straight forward, and highly beneficial promotions to put a smile on your face this March – Thanks DoylesRoom!

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