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Updated Wed, 2010-07-14 13:14

Good as Gold: Turbo Gold Card Weekends at DoylesRoom

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Gold Cards at DoylesRoom are worth their weight in gold, and a whole lot more; you could be earning them at double speed with the Turbo Gold Card Weekends.

If you’re a member of the DoylesRoom online poker community you will already be familiar with the Gold Cards that the online poker site gives away. What you might not be yet aware of however is the Turbo Gold Card Weekends, where you could be beefing up your collection quicker than ever.

Gold Cards are essentially a special thank you from DoylesRoom to real money players of ring games; any member of the online poker site who is playing in a ring game will be eligible to be awarded Gold Cards. The DoylesRoom RNG will select a Gold Card from time to time and if you have that card you have a Gold Card. 

Gold Cards can be used to participate in the Gold Card Daily Lottery with its cash prizes and excusive tournament entries. Once you get a good collection of those Gold Cards you might enjoy paying attention to the lottery draw each midnight, but you’d better be on the ball. DoylesRoom announces the lottery draw each midnight, but you then have just 24 hours to claim your winnings should your Gold Card have been drawn. If your prize is a cash one, you simply redeem it; if you win a tournament entry this will be to a DoylesRoom Gold Card Lottery tournament. The DoylesRoom Gold Card Lottery tournaments run at various times throughout the afternoon depending on the day. There is also a poker odds calculator available at DoylesRoom through which you can see what the chances are of each of the Gold Cards coming up.

Back to the Turbo Gold Card Weekends however. All of this gets more exciting this month as DoylesRoom has pledged to release the Gold Cards at double the normal speed on Fridays and Saturdays; hence making them Turbo Gold Card Weekends. Therefore each upcoming weekend until July 25th could result in bumping up those Gold Card collections, and as you’ve seen, this can only lead to good things. Best of all, to partake in the Turbo Gold Card Weekends all you need to do is play at DoylesRoom.

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