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Updated Thu, 2009-11-19 11:30

Genius at Doyles Room: Loose Change Tournaments

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If you ever wondered what you can do with your online loose change, you're going to love the Loose Change Tournaments at Doyles Room!

My bank contacted me recently; they wanted to know if I would like to round up all my card purchases, with the spare change going into a savings account. It seemed like a decent idea, but what a boring concept! Imagine my delight therefore, when perusing through the promotions and tournaments at Doyles Room and I came across, what they so descriptively call, "Loose Change Tournaments".

The Doyles Room logo, or mantra for the tournaments is, Don't let your loose change wear a hole in your pocket. And a fine mantra it seems to be too. The idea is that just as in your bank account, or behind your sofa, or in the tub on top of the TV or in your pocket, loose change builds up in your online poker account. Now, just as in those other places, the loose change is usually very small and doesn't amount to much unless you save and save and save for ages, and then at the end of a year you can afford a can of cola. So, Doyles Room comes to fill the gap; they say, well you have this loose change, you can't do anything with it, but every one has it, so let's make a tournament designed especially to use up those small amounts that will otherwise sit in your poker account for months and months doing not very much.

And hence, the Doyles Room Loose Change Tournaments were born. The Loose Change Tournaments run every Saturday at 5 pm ET and have a buy-in of $0.05 + $0.01. Ingenious, right? Of course, I told my bank that I'd found something better to do with my loose change.

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