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Updated Fri, 2011-01-21 04:27

Lose the Change with DoylesRoom Loose Change Tournaments

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Use up your loose change every weekend with the Loose Change tournaments at DoylesRoom online poker site.

Do you ever count the change in your pocket, or in the top draw of your desk, or on your night stand, and discover it actually adds up to quite a sizeable amount? That’s the thing with loose change – it can be worth a whole lot more that you expect and that’s certainly true with the Loose Change Tournaments at DoylesRoom.

The online poker site DoylesRoom recognises that loose change doesn’t just build up at home, it builds up online too and they’re doing something about it. All members of the online poker community are invited to partake in the Loose Change Tournaments which could see you turning a little into a lot. The unique thing about these tournaments is the buy-in: at just $0.05 + 0.01 every member of the online poker community can not only take part, but will be grateful to do so! The tournaments can be found through the DoylesRoom Poker Lobby where you go to Scheduled, and then find Loose Change. They run every week at 5 pm, and registration is open the whole time. The game is No Limit Hold’em, they’re 9 seater tournaments with 10 minute blinds and starting stacks of 1500 chips.

Of course this is just one of many attractive tournaments being run by the online poker site. For very different reasons, the Doyle’s $50,000 Bounty Tournament is also well worth checking out. The buy-in is $27.50 and the tournament runs on Wednesdays at 9.30 pm. Kick out one of the three  pro player from the bounty tournament and you’ll get a reward of $1,000 in bonus cash; kick out all three pros and DoylesRoom will give you $50,000 in bonus cash!

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