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Ex Full Tilt CEO Ray Bitar's Million Dollar Wedding

Posted by: Jo Martin - Tue, 2016-04-05 03:54

Ex Full Tilt CEO Ray Bitar's Million Dollar Wedding

Ex Full Tilt CEO Raymond Bitar seems to be doing great these days, none the worse for wear, following the ordeal that the Full Tilt scandal and his subsequent tussles with the law had put him through a few years ago. In fact, he has recently gotten married, in a ceremony worthy of the creme of Hollywood, the cost of which apparently ran in 7 figures. Bitar has managed to avoid jail following testimony from Full Tilt Poker pro Allen Cunningham, who described him as a dying man. In the photos released by the wedding photographer he hardly fits that description though. Although much slighter of frame, he appears hearty and in a positively jubilant mood. Based on the pictures, it is safe to assume the obvious weight-loss he had gone through was most probably due to a healthier lifestyle and not to psychological or physical chagrin.
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CakeKnife photography, the company whose picture-taking services have been hired for the event, refers to the man in the wedding photos as "Omar" on their website, but in several of the pictures, there's text projected on a wall inside the venue, which reads "Raymond and Jackie".
According to the photographer, she had been hired for a million dollar event and the setting was indeed as lavish as one would expect from something of that caliber.
In the wake of the issues uncovered at Full Tilt Poker after Black Friday, Bitar was fined $40 million and he was spared a prison sentence, on account of a heart-condition vouched for by Allan Cunningham, which had supposedly only left him with a few more years to live.
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