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Full Tilt's New Rewards Program a Hit with Players

Posted by: Jo Martin - Thu, 2015-08-20 14:30

Full Tilt's New Rewards Program a Hit with Players

Full Tilt Poker have overhauled quite a few things lately and some of the changes they have ushered in weren't particularly popular and didn't seem to make sense from an outside perspective. Their latest move however, the overhauling of their rewards program, seems to have hit the nail on the head. According to official numbers, the changes translated into a surge of unique players, and the new mini-game, the Deal, proved to be successful as well: some 483.2k hands of it were played. The progressive jackpot featured by The Deal started off at $100k and now it's over the $121k mark. The favorable developments brought about by the Rewards Program changes were reflected in many other ways too though: after just one day under the new rules, no fewer than 7 players were dealt potential Royal Flushes (they all dropped a card needed to complete the hand though), there was one player who logged 3,281 hands and another who played 1,922. No fewer than 134 straight flushes were missed and 241,276 pairs or better were landed.
Sign up to Full Tilt Poker now and become a part of their new action-explosion. Play in the Deal for a chance to take down a fabulous jackpot.

Besides the progressive jackpot, there are plenty of other prizes and rewards handed out by the Deal: players can get tournament tickets as well as various smaller cash prizes, all the while retaining the chance to take down the big one.
The changes Full Tilt Poker have instituted in several areas of their operation are all designed to favor recreational players over the nosebleed stakes pros, who had largely been driven off the site through previous changes. The majority of pro -level action now takes place over at PokerStars.
Full Tilt Poker is THE destination for recreational players. Open an account now and play in their "The Deal" progressive jackpot.

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