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Updated Sun, 2008-12-14 09:14

Double up or bust in Pacific Poker’s Double or Nothing

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Sometimes the simpler things are kept, the more interesting they are. Pacific Poker’s Double or Nothing SNGs are excellent examples in this sense.

If you play in one of these SNGs, you will either walk away from the table with one of your opponent’s buy-in (plus your own of course) or without a penny.

No need to juggle chips and positions around anymore in an effort to somehow make it to the money. In these Double or nothing SNGs half the table doubles up, the other half leaves tails between legs.

Poker is really simple after all. There are winners and there are losers, and your goal is to count yourself among the winners as often as possible.

If you reckon you’re a better than average poker player, here’s your chance to prove it. Register for one of the Double or Nothing SNG’s offered by Pacific Poker for as little as $2.5+$0.35 and survive half your opponents. If you’re better than 50%, you will indeed be better than the average, and you’ll walk away with the money too.

Seek out the Double or Nothing SNGs in Pacific Poker’s tournament lobby now, and register for an 8 or a 10 player table.

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