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Updated Tue, 2009-09-29 06:00

Win $1,000; take down the Pacific Poker Lion

888Poker Promotion

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100% up to $400 + $8

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US Accepted

For a long time, Han Solo was the most famous bounty in the universe, but today there are several in hot pursuit. One such bounty is Leo Margets at Pacific Poker, only now the bounty-hunter is you

Leo Margets is always up for a challenge, she's intelligent, beautiful, and can beat most of us under the table. That's why Pacific Poker has put a price on her head. Margets won the Last Woman Standing prize in the 2009 World Series Of Poker Main Event, but if you think you can take her, you are invited to have a go each and every week at Pacific Poker.

The "A Por Ella" tournament can be found in the Multi-Table tab of Pacific Poker and runs each Thursday at 19:00 GMT. The buy-in is $10 + $1 and seats are limited. The successful bounty hunter will receive $1,000 and also entry to the next "A Por Ella" tournament, as will the overall tournament winner. However, the free entry is a blessing and a curse; whilst you get free entry which you are obliged to take, you will also find yourself with a $50 bounty on your own head in that tournament!

There are only 500 seats for each "A Por Ella" tournament, so there's no time to waste in registering, and once you're there, remember to watch out for Leo, the Pacific Poker lion. 

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