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Updated Tue, 2008-03-25 14:06

World Poker Crown at Pacific Poker - $1,000,000 First Prize

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100% up to $400 + $8

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Pacific Poker is upping the stakes in every respect lately. Having regained the trust and appreciation of online poker players, apparently, the sky is the limit to the popularity of this poker room now, and to the generosity of the promotions it runs. That in turn further fuels its appeal, so it’s a nice little self-sustaining circle of success they’ve embarked on.

One of the key elements of this upward spiral of positive vibe is the World Poker Crown promotion that they run.

The promotions consists of a set of tournaments held online at Pacific Poker, which will culminate in a live televised event in Barcelona, Spain, which will feature a staggering prize-pool of $ 3,000,000 in the worst case, but possibly more. The final event itself costs $1,000 + $50 to enter directly, but there’s an elaborate qualifier system running at Pacific which gives everyone a chance to win a seat for it, for a much less intimidating investment. There are some SNG feeders which send players directly into the WPC finals, but these cost $105 - $ 525 to enter and they only provide a single seat for the winner. Certainly, sub-satellite styled SNGs also run acting as feeders for the above mentioned direct SNGs, starting from buy-ins as low as $2.75. Mind you that there are no tournament fees taken on these SNGs.

Scheduled MTTs run in three levels, the direct feeders featuring buy-ins $52 or $105. Given the fact that these tournaments offer a seat in the Finals for every 10 or 20 players, the EV is looking pretty good.

MTT sub satellites run from $10.5+$0.5 to $21 +$1 on level 2, and as low as $1.1+$0.1 on level 1.

The less you pay, the more the odds are stacked against you though, because the more you’ll have to win to make it to the Finals.

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