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Updated Thu, 2016-03-17 07:48

Play Six Plus Holdem at Titan Poker!

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Six Plus Holdem is a brand new poker/online poker variant, which - according to some at least - could one day exceed Texas Holdem in popularity and it can therefore be considered the future of poker. There are a number of things one needs to know about this game, regardless of where future will end up taking it. The first things is: what is it? how is it played? and where can it be played? Right now, the best destination for Six Plus Poker is Titan Poker, in fact that's the only destination, since it's exclusive to the new Titan Poker Beta software, which can be downloaded at the Titan Poker site of course. What is Six Plus Holdem though? The game is extremely easy to learn because - as its name implies - it is based on Texas Holdem. It's rules are mostly the same, with few notable differences.
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One such difference is that instead of a regular 52-card deck, Six Plus Poker is played with a 36-card deck. What this essentially means is that all 2s, 3s, 4s and 5s have been removed from the deck. The hand-rankings, while mostly the same, feature a few differences as well. With that many cards removed from the deck,. flushes are obviously much more difficult to make, so a flush is worth more in this new game than a boat. A three of a kind is also worth more than a straight. This way, the lowest possible straight is A-6-7-8-9, while the odds on flopping a set with pocket pairs have increased to 18%.
Other than that, the rules are those of Texas Holdem. The different deck-setup sets the stage for a number of other peculiarities too: in Six Plus Holdem, one is twice as likely to pick up pocket rockets as in regular Holdem. There are only 9 cards of similar suits left in the deck., so flushes become much rarer. Two pairs and straights on the other hand, are much easier to make.
Thought to have been invented at the high stakes tables in Macau, Six Plus Holdem is a game where the skill element gets a massive boost, together with the luck element.
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