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Updated Fri, 2016-02-26 11:04

Unibet Poker's €50k Prize Drop is Back

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Unibet Poker's Prize Drop promotion had a successful run, so successful in fact that the operator has decided to straight up revive it, bringing it back in February with some €50k to hand out in prizes. Indeed, all players need to do to potentially pick up a share of that is to play at the real money cash game tables, something that they would do anyway. How exactly does it all work though this time around? Every day during February, at the cash game tables, prizes will rain down in a random manner, so indeed, all one has to/can do is to be at these tables and hope for the best. The tables which are selected for a random prize-drop will display a special animation so players will know they are chosen. At the winning tables, everyone seated there picks up the same prize, there won't be a prize-distribution based on how much action one has generated in the run-up. It is already known that no fewer than 605 cash game tables will be picked for a prize-drop during February, which essentially means that there will be twice as many winners as there were during past runs of the promotion.
Sign up to Unibet Poker right now and take advantage of the value handed out by their Prize Drop promotion, by playing at their cash game tables.

It is also possible for players to see whether or not the prizes allotted for a given day have already been dropped. By clicking the parachute icon at the top of the poker lobby, they will get information in the shape of a roll-down menu. If the prizes have indeed been all dropped for the day, one might consider coming back the following day and playing when there's an actual chance to grab some additional value.
The interesting thing about Unibet Poker's Prize Drop promotion is that the prizes awarded are immediately credited to winners. The promotion runs through the month of February and it works at the Cash Game tables only. Players can increase their odds for a prize drop by playing in more eligible games. Another detail one should know is that the prizes are only dropped at the eligible stakes and they're different each day. There is essentially no way to know what sort of prize one may get if he/she gets lucky.
Register a Unibet Poker account right now and start playing! The Prize Drop promotion wraps up on February 29, so there are still quite a few chances to grab some extra value.

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