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Updated Mon, 2016-05-02 08:39

Unibet Poker's Milestone Hands

Unibet Poker Promotion

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With PokerStars raising a promotional storm every time they approach a milestone hand of some sort, the rest of the online poker industry chose to respond too. Unibet Poker have their own promotional bonanza based on milestone hands and although their promotional scheme may not be as rich as PokerStars', it is certainly appealing. Approaching the 300 millionth hand mark, Unibet Poker have overhauled their milestone hand promotion to give players the opportunity to take down more numerous and more generous prizes. How much more generous is the new promotion? The milestone hands promotion kicks off when the 300 millionth hand is actually reached. That's when prizes begin to be awarded on every 100,000th hand, all the way till the 315 millionth hand is reached. What that means for players is that there are 151 additional chances for them to take down some handsome prizes, and that's 50 more than under the previous promotional terms.
Sign up to Unibet Poker right now and take advantage of their revamped milestone hands promotion, which now gives players 151 chances to win.

How exactly do players qualify for the promotion though? All it really takes is to play in cash games at the site and to hope that the milestone hand will land at the table where one is indeed playing.
Everyone at the winning table is rewarded, including the losers, but the winner of the hand gets an even bigger reward. Exactly how much one plays is also a major part of the equation. Once the amount one wins is determined, it is multiplied with the number of flops one has seen at the given stakes for the last 60 minutes. This way, the prize amount can truly sky-rocket. It is important to play a lot, but it is also important that one remain consistent and stick to a given stakes-level.
One has to know that the Milestone hands promotion is only available at the cash game tables. This includes the Banzai tables. The actual size of the stakes played is also a factor: the bigger it is, obviously, the bigger the prize will be. Another way to not just increase the number of flops seen while also boosting the odds of landing a milestone hand directly is to play several tables. The more tables one plays, the better the odds. The winners of milestone hands stand to win thousands of EUR, while the losers will have to settle for hundreds.
Unibet Poker has always been a great destination for recreational poker players, and now with their Milestone Hands promotion, the site is more attractive than ever. Sign up now!

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