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Updated Sat, 2010-04-10 02:17

It’s WSOP Time at PokerTime

PokerTime Promotion

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PokerTime is taking a number of concepts and mixing them up to make the most exciting of WSOP experiences yet!

PokerTime has announced their World Series of Poker promotion, and it’s a good one. Not satisfied with sending players to the poker event of the year in the poker capital of the world, but PokerTime is planning to make things interesting whilst they’re there.

The Las Vegas packages being made available to PokerTime players are worth €6,000 and include the buy-in to WSOP event #56, 10 nights’ accommodation at the Forbes Five Star winner Wynn Las Vegas luxury resort and casino, €1,000 for travel, and a €1,000 “Last Longest Bet”. If you’re eager for the first element, excited for the second, grateful for the third, but a little confused by the fourth, don’t worry – that’s what we’re here to explain.

In addition to giving the winners of these packages the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere at one of the most exclusive hotels Las Vegas has to offer, and the chance to win a very handsome WSOP prize from the tournament, PokerTime is added an extra incentive to help players do their best; an incentive that could be worth a whole lot more than anything you ever dreamt of. The PokerTime players that manage to last the longest in WSOP event #56 could find themselves with a seat in the World Series of Poker Main Event. The winners will not only get their entrance to the main event but they will also have their hotel stay extended and be awarded spending money. The number of Last Longest Packages that will be awarded by PokerTime will depend on the number of players taking part in Event #56; for every 10 players taking part, one package will be awarded.

All in all this is a win-win poker promotion; if you qualify for the World Series of Poker Main Event, great; if you don’t you could still be in for a very handsome win. A $2,500 No-limit hold’em WSOP event last year attracted just over 1,000 players and generated a prize pool of over $2,000,000. The winner of that tournament walked away with over $40,000!

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