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Updated Sun, 2010-06-06 07:48

WSOP Packages at PokerTime

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If you thought you’d missed your chance to get to the WSOP 2010, think again: PokerTime is giving away 2 packages every day.

PokerTime is not only sending members of its online poker community to the World Series of Poker, but is offering added incentives to last the longest. As if that wasn’t enough, you could be winning a seat right now through a daily lottery. If this all sounds pretty good, keep reading!

Event number 56 of the World Series of Poker will be running from July 2nd to 4th, that’s less than a month away. You might be forgiven for thinking that  any chance of getting to the WSOP this year is long gone with the series already being underway, but on this point you would be incorrect, and PokerTime is here to prove it. The online poker site PokerTime is giving away packages every single day for the event. The packages that are being given away are worth €6,000 each and can be won through the WSOP56 Lottery.  The WSOP56 Lottery is a series of satellites that has somewhat frighteningly been dubbed Carnage Satellites. They are running though till June 14th and start at 1c and go up to a huge €1350 + 50 final. The tournaments certainly live up to their names, as all players are all-in on every round, so there’s no second chances and the fall out is hefty. Members of the PokerTime online poker community are able to buy-in to the carnage satellites at any time. From the carnage satellites players progress to the Daily Final, and it’s from each of these that 2 WSOP packages will be awarded.  The World Series of Poker packages include the event #56 buy-in, €1,000 for travel, plus money for spending, and 10 nights’ accommodation.

As if getting you there wasn’t enough, PokerTime is also running a Last Longest Bet; the PokerTime player that lasts longest in event #56 will be awarded a seat in the WSOP Main Event, plus an extended hotel stay and additional money for spending.  An alternative way to win a WSOP Main Event package would be to win two WSOP56 Lottery daily finals. If you win two daily finals in the WSOP56 Lottery, you can exchange the two event #56 entries for one Main Event entry.

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