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Win your 2013 WSOP Seat at Mansion Poker

Not to be outdone by their competitors, Mansion Poker have upped the stakes in regards to the 2013 WSOP package types they offer, recognizing the fact that not all potential WSOP qualifiers are solely Main Event focused. Of course, the Big Dance is covered as well.
There’s a $13.4k package offered to those who only care for the big one. The package covers the buy-in and a bunch of other travel-related perks like travel expenses, accommodation, spending money and registration fees.
Everyone who wins his/her way into the Big Dance through Mansion Poker will kick off the Main Event on Day 1C. Direct access qualifiers for these packages have been running for quite a while now and they cost $500+$25. Those with more meager bankrolls will be able to use the sub-qualifier system to work their way up from scratch.

The $7.1k Side event package is extremely appealing to those whose priority would be the securing of a WSOP bracelet. It offers players access to two NL Holdem side events while covering all the usual side-expenses too.
Direct access qualifiers for these packages cost only $200+$15 and sub-qualifiers start from a meager $0.11.

The $4k Experience package is clearly targeted towards those who don’t go to Vegas with the express goal of battling for a bracelet. The package only includes a single side event buy-in while covering all the side-expenses. The direct access satellites for these packages only cost $55, and they feature a re-buys and add-ons structure. All those who earn their 2013 WSOP packages through Mansion Poker will stay at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.
Qualify to the 2013 WSOP at Mansion Poker through this link.

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