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The Road to the 2013 WSOP Leads through Winner Poker

Like every other online poker operator out there, Winner Poker are looking to send a team of players to represent the brand at the 2013 WSOP Main Event and apparently at some of the side events as well. What better way is there to gain some welcome brand exposure than by setting up a system of online qualifiers and offering the winners some generous packages that – besides the actual buy-ins – will cover travel expenses as well as accommodation and will leave a little bit on the side for the player to spend as he/she sees fit?
The Main Event packages offered by Winner Poker cover the $10k buy-in and offer $1,350 for 7 nights at the Wynn Hotel. $1,850 will go towards travel and spending and there will be $200 put aside for the registration fees.

Players who secure their Main Event seats through Winner Poker have to know that they’ll start in the Main Event on Day 1C.
The second kind of package offered at Winner Poker is a $7,100 Side Event one, which gives players access to two side events: a $2.5k one and a $1.5k one. Besides the actual buy-ins, this package will cover the usual additional expenses too (travel, accommodation etc).

Last but not least, there’s a $4k Experience package too, which covers a $1.5k buy-in into a side event, plus all the additional costs. These packages are great for those who aren’t really keen on actually doing battle for a bracelet, but would rather settle for a smaller-scale sampling of the WSOP atmosphere.
Use this link to qualify for the 2013 WSOP.

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