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The 2013 WSOP Main Event

The WSOP is without a doubt the premier live poker series of the year, and within it, the Main Event is the crown jewel. Last year’s Big Dance was – let’s admit it straight up – kind of a disappointment starting field-wise. The organizers didn’t exactly make a secret out of the fact that they expected it to be bigger than the 2011 Main Event, and if that was their goal, they pretty much failed: the 2012 Big Dance saw 6,598 players belly up to its tables, quite a bit off the 2011 pace of 6,865 players and way off the 8,773 player record set by the 2006 Main Event. This year, the expectations have obviously not been toned back at all: once again, the immediate goal is to beat last year’s attendance number, a rather realistic goal at that, considering the fact that last year has indeed lowered the bar a little in this respect. Catching up with the 2006 numbers would be great of course, but in all honestly, that isn’t highly likely to happen.
Still, it looks like those who really wish to get their hands on the WSOP Main Event bracelet awarded by the biggest ever WSOP Main Event will get a chance, since Jamie Gold is reportedly auctioning off his, right when the 2013 Main Event kicks off.

The WSOP Main Event has been through quite a spectacular evolution since its rather humble beginnings. Back in 1970, the first ever edition of the WSOP saw only 7 players belly up to the table. Johnny Moss walked away with the title then. From that point, right up to the 2006 culmination of the Big Dance, the evolution was a pronouncedly upward-arching one. In 2006, adverse legislation put a dent in the Main Event and since then, firm growth has pretty much been missing from the tournament. There is no doubt these days that quite a bit of luster has been knocked off the Big Dance since 2006, and that fact can be attributed to a series of various factors.
First off, the massive starting fields have delivered quite a blow to the skill factor in the event. Although they continue to play in the Big Dance, “name” professionals have viewed the $50k Poker Players’ Championship as their Main Event for some time now. Other side events have encroached on the turf of the Big Dance as well. Last year for instance, the Big One for One Drop managed to steal much of the limelight. Online poker rooms like PokerStars have been offering more and more online qualifiers to side events too, and while all this did not directly come at the detriment of the Main Event, it has definitely had a hand in the final outcome.
The 2013 Main Event has set out to regain some of the prestige and luster of past Big Dances, and we certainly hope that it will indeed take a step in the right direction.
Qualify to the 2013 Main Event through this link.

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