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Updated Sat, 2009-06-20 15:19

Are You Able to Survive PokerTime?

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It's rare that an online poker room manages to surprise us with a whole new way of playing, but PokerTime has managed it: PokerTime's Survivor Series is a breath of fresh air.

We've seen the TV show, now we get to play for real – survival of the fittest has hit PokerTime, and only the strongest will survive. The Survivor Series is the latest brainwave of PokerTime online poker room, and so far is proving to be a roaring success.

Survivor Series tournaments work like any other tournament except for that they have time-based elimination levels, through which the lowest positioned players run the risk of being thrown "off the island", or in this case, out of the tournament. You're not on your own however, you have indicators to help you to fathom your standing and to determine if you need to take action or not. There are 4 vital pieces of information that will be conveyed to you through the indicators. First of all you'll be made aware of your survival status which will be characterized as either, Danger, Warning, or Safe. Next, you'll be told how big a stack you need to have in order to survive, then how long is left on the clock for that round, and finally how many people will be facing elimination.

These indicators help to make the game even hotter than it otherwise would be. The added excitement and danger of these new PokerTime poker tournaments are certainly drawing the masses; why not go check out what the fuss is all about.

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