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Updated Mon, 2009-07-20 08:37

Be a genius at Party Poker and walk away with $5,000

Party Poker Promotion

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100% up to $50 + $50

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US Accepted
Ok, that title sounds a little intimidating. The matter of the fact is, it is easier to become a “genius” at Party Poker than it is just about anywhere else. All you need to do is play at the cash tables and play at sufficiently high limits to stand a realistic chance for hitting a minimum $100 pot. If you do hit a pot like that (it can be higher than $100, it just can’t be smaller) and you’re lucky enough to hit it on the 50,000th hand of “The Genius” promotion, you and your opponents won’t just bask in glory but in cold hard cash as well, and we just know you like the way that feels on your skin. Its beautifying effects aren’t to be ignored either, as – for starters – it’s certain to put wide grin on that worried little face of yours.

The promotion has started on July 6th, so it’s already in full swing. Everyone at the winning table will be paid out equally and the winner will get to keep the pot as well.
The “Genius” promotion runs for 15 million hands, so there’ll be plenty of opportunities to pocket some free cash as long as you play at reasonably high limit cash tables.
In addition to the 50,000th hand prizes, Party Poker offers a $10,000 prize-pool for those who happen to play a millionth hand. The final 10 millionth hand will award prizes totaling $100,000 for the lucky players who happen to hit it.

If you play on lower limits, you won’t be left out of the prize-frenzy either. Say you only happen to combine for a $70 pot on the 50,000th hand of the promotion. In this case, your table will share a $4,900 prize pool.
A $30 pot earns a $900 prize-pool for the participants. If your Genius pot is only $20 big, your prize-pool will be a $400 one. An $8 Genius pot is only good for a $100 prize-pool.
3 Genius hands have already been paid out, the highest one of them resulting in a $847.98 prize-pool for those involved.

The truth about the “Genius” promotion is that you don’t really have to be a genius at all to make money. All you need to do is to play and to pray that your pot grows as large as possible when the genius hand hits.

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