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Updated Sun, 2008-04-06 13:34

Party Poker Download Software on your Desktop

Party Poker

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In order to download the Party Poker software on your desktop, just click the “download now” option on our Party Poker review page. The software installation kit will be downloaded to your computer in a matter of a few seconds (it’s not exactly a large file). Use the “browse” feature in your download dialogue window to choose where you want the installation kit to be copied. It’s always a wise choice to create a separate folder dedicated to such install kits, thus if you need to reinstall anything at any time, you know where to go looking for it.

Once that’s done, double click the kit to start installation. It is very much possible that in order to complete the installation successfully, the install wizard will need an active internet connection. After all, it needs to download updates and possibly other files during installation.
Make sure your firewall is not set to block such traffic. Most anti-virus programs and firewalls perceive online poker traffic as malicious, and they will block it. If you have a firewall set up on your computer, you can just unblock traffic manually. If your internet connection works through a router, you will need to talk to your network administrator and tell him to set the firewall of the router to allow online poker traffic.

Do not attempt to install the partypoker poker software on a computer desktop running on a corporate network. Not only will your traffic be blocked, you’re likely to be scolded for your “irresponsible behavior” too.

Once installed, the software starts up automatically. While it runs, it requires your computer to be connected to the internet all the time. While the majority of the code the client software uses is on your machine, it’ll still need to download real-time updates from its server.

When your Party Poker client software starts up, create an account (you’ll be able to do that from the user interface). You’ll need it every time to access your online poker account. Click on the link on this 'PartyPoker poker download' page in order to start.partypoker poker download