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Updated Thu, 2014-11-27 04:02

Party Poker vs FullTilt Poker review, bonus -

Party Poker

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A few years ago, Full Tile Poker were one of the powerhouses of the online poker industry. These days, although a lot of resources went into the redemption of the brand and the poker room itself, it isn’t much more than a shadow of its former self. These days, it is indeed in roughly the same category as PartyPoker, so a comparison between the two sites is a fair affair. Even this way though, Full Tilt, as the sidekick of the world’s biggest and best online poker room, may have PartyPoker edged out. Let’s take a closer look at how the two operations match up in a number of well defined contests.

Party Poker vs FullTilt Poker Bonuses and promotions

Having teamed up with PokerStars, FullTilt Poker can currently offer promotions which can be matched by only a few in the online poker industry. The site offers online qualifiers to all the PokerStars-sponsored live events, and there are indeed quite a few of these. Their sign-up bonus is much better than PartyPoker’s as well, its maximum tipping the scale at a massive $600, reminiscent of the golden age of the online poker industry. PartyPoker by comparison offer a $50 bonus deal, which is effectively a 100% match deal, up to a maximum of $50. Obviously, the winner of this category is hands-down: FullTilt Poker.
Round 1 result: Full Tilt Poker Wins

Party Poker vs FullTilt Poker Software

PartyPoker’s software may have only recently been overhauled, but even with all the new bells and whistles added, it is still no match to Full Tilt Poker’s software in any way. Indeed, for years, the biggest pro team ever assembled in the history of the game was tweaking and improving Full Tilt’s product. It still has one major flaw to this day though: even though it’s available for mobile use, for android as well as iOS, it still hasn’t been made available in a no-download, instant play version. Everything factored in though, it would be simply unfair to even mention Full Tilt’s software in the same breath with PartyPoker’s.
Round 2 result: Full Tilt Poker Wins

Party Poker vs FullTilt Poker Traffic

Traffic is another category that Full Tilt Poker will not lose to PartyPoker any time soon. Even though Full Tilt’s traffic is nowhere near what is used to be back in its heyday, it is still better than PartyPoker’s. Apparently, there are around 10.5k players at its cash game tables in peak hours, and some 70k players at the tournament tables. While PartyPoker does come close to these numbers with 9.5k cash game players and 60k tournament players (all these numbers are registered during peak hours of course), it’s still no contest, and again, Full Tilt Poker is the one with the advantage.
Round 3 result: Full Tilt Poker Wins

Party Poker vs FullTilt Poker Tournaments

Full Tilt Poker is primarily a cash game destination. It is in fact the stage where the biggest cash games in the world unfold on a regular basis. Regardless of that though, it has a very strong tournament selection and it features massive online series like the FTOPS and the MiniFTOPS. PartyPoker on the other hand have excellent live event qualifiers of their own and a massive guaranteed event, the million, to which there are massive satellites running. Despite the fact that Full Tilt Poker are extremely game in this category indeed, we’ll have to say we like PartyPoker better in this respect.
Round 4 result: PartyPoker wins by a hair

Party Poker vs FullTilt Poker Cash Games

If we’re looking solely at the volume of the cash game action at the two sites, and at the caliber of the players taking part in this action, Full Tilt Poker wins hands-down. At PartyPoker though, while the volumes are less impressive, the action itself is juicier. According to some, at PartyPoker, novice players hit the tables on a regular basis and therefore the cash game action is fishier, which means that there’s more value in it for a skilled grinder. This is the reason why we’ll give this category to PartyPoker.
Round 5 result: PartyPoker wins

Party Poker vs FullTilt Poker Game Selection

The game selection is quite outstanding at both sites, although at FullTilt poker it is slightly better, because in addition to all the different betting structures for Texas Holdem, Omaha and Stud, there’s also Razz, HORSE, HOSE and HA available there. The player volumes at the various poker variants are better as well, so Full Tilt Poker wins this category.
Round 6 result: Full Tilt Poker wins

Party Poker vs FullTilt Poker Deposit and Withdrawal Options

The deposit and withdrawal options supported by the two sites are numerous indeed. PartyPoker do have a much larger selection of accepted deposit as well as withdrawal methods available than FullTilt Poker, which is rather surprising, but quite obvious at the same time. This category goes hands-down to PartyPoker.
Round 7 result: PartyPoker wins

Party Poker vs FullTilt Poker VIP Program

The loyalty programs of both sites are quite simple and rather similar: in both poker rooms, players earn points by playing in real money cash games and tournaments. At Full Tilt Poker, there’s a Happy Hour, during which players can rack up more points than usual. PartyPoker have the Palladium Lounge Club, while Full Tilt have the Edge program. The bottom line is that while there may be slight differences in the two programs, they aren’t significant enough.
Round 8 result: Draw.

Party Poker vs FullTilt Poker Support

Full Tilt Poker’s support used to be quite deplorable, but since PokerStars took over, things have improved quite radically. Their support can still only be reached via email though, and sometimes response times can be quite long. PartyPoker’s support on the other hand is excellent, and it is available via phone as well as live chat in addition to email. The decision in this category is an easy one: PartyPoker wins.
Round 9 result: PartyPoker wins

The Verdict

It is obvious that when it comes to traffic and the quality/number of promotions, Full Tilt Poker holds a slight but rather definitive edge over PartyPoker. The PartyPoker support is much better though, and it also has some other, more subtle things working in its favor, like the juiciness of its cash games. This is why we cannot proclaim a definitive winner as the 4-4 score shows above.