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Updated Sat, 2016-04-30 07:26

Play in partypoker's Grand Prix Poker Tour

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If you're looking for the Grand Prix Poker Tour to show up in a physical venue near you, you're in for a long wait indeed. The GPPT is an online tour hosted by partypoker, which features a prize-pool of $300k and which takes place during the first week of May (getting started on May 1 and wrapping up on May 9). The stakes in the tournament are high indeed. The direct buy-in is $109, but obviously, qualifiers are available online at partypoker and they make it possible for players to win a seat for as little as $0.01. While the tournament is a multi-day poker-fest, it consists of several Day 1s and a single Day 2, which is scheduled for May 9. The final day of action kicks off on May 9, at 15:00 EDT, and it starts off with the 17th blind-level. The other 16 blind levels are crammed into the eight Day 1s leading up the final showdown. Players are allowed to take part in as many Day 1 tournaments as they wish. In the end, players will have their highest Day 1 stack carried over to Day 2.
Sign up to partypoker now and take part in the Grand Prix Poker Tour which is your ticket to a $300k prize-pool.

The Day 1 tournaments are quite varied: they cover 6-max Turbos as well as the Freezeout, although it's safe to say that freezeout dominates the schedule. There's much more to the Grand Prix Poker Tour than meets the eye at first glance though. It could in fact turn into the path to $1 million over the coming months, provided it's successful-enough. Every month that the GPPT meets its guarantee, partypoker will toss another $100k into its prize-pool for the upcoming month. What this means is that if the $300k is covered in May, in June, the prize-pool will be set to $400k. If all goes according to plan, the prize-pool may indeed reach the $1 million mark around Christmas.
If one of the Day 1s is cancelled by any chance, only the prize-pool which resulted from that day's registrations will be restituted. If a Day 2 event is cancelled, again, only buy-ins that resulted from the Day 1s leading up to it will be restituted. Guarantees and added prizes will be excluded from the restitution-process.
The Day 2 event will feature a Freeze-out format as well.
Play at partypoker: their promotions are some of the best in the industry and their cash games are nothing to sneeze at either.

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