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Qualify Online to the European Poker Tour 2014 – EPT 11 Barcelona Stop

The 11th season of the European Poker Tour has taken place in the usual opening location of the Series, in Barcelona, for the 100th stop of the tour. Obviously, the occasion was a highly significant, festive one, and the events – highlighted by the Main Event – did not disappoint. Once again, for the 3rd consecutive time, the EPT has teamed up with the Estrellas Poker Tour, so there were plenty of locals in attendance as well as “name” pros, after all who could afford to miss out on such an important EPT 11 milestone?

Having taken place between August 16 and 27, the EPT Barcelona once again felt a bit like it still belonged to the previous season. The Main Event drew a starting field of 1,496 players, who created a prize-pool of $9.6 million. The winner of the event, Andre Lettau, walked away with $1,050,730, after he struck an ill-inspired deal which allowed runner-up Samuel Philips to take down the biggest prize of the tournament: $1.35 million. This way however, there were at least two 6-figure winners in the event.
None of the other EPT 11 Barcelona events disappointed either. The Estrellas Poker Tour Main Event was the opener, and it featured a $3.3 million prize-pool. The winner of this event was Matias Ruzzi, who took down $265k for his efforts, yet again less than runner-up Vladislav Donchev, who walked away with $372k.

The host of the Series was once again the Casino Barcelona, the usual venue for the EPT stop.
PokerStars players could once again buy into the EPT Main Event directly, or they could try to qualify their way in, for as little as a few poker points.
At the end of the day, the EPT 2014’s first stop turned out to be everything the organizers were expecting: large starting fields, lavish prize-pools and great rewards for the winners and other top finishers.

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