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Updated Thu, 2008-06-12 03:18

Play in a WSOP copycat online event for 1% of the cost

Bodog Poker Promotion

Deposit Bonus:
50% up to $250

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US Accepted
The battle for online poker supremacy has never been more animated than it is these days. Poker rooms are each coming up with promotions meant to stand out one way or another. Bodog’s Mini series of Poker, an online emulation of the WSOP events that are under way, on a much smaller scale though, runs from May 30th to July 3rd, each of the events taking place on the day their real life counterparts commence.
It’s all meant to make the player feel like he’s taking part in WSOP action online, thus conveying some of the excitement of the WSOP, and giving players the chance to take down a truly impressive prize at the end of it all. Here’s a breakdown of what this promotion consist of:

  • Whenever a live WSOP event starts in Las Vegas, its copycat online version starts up at Bodog Poker. For a full schedule of the Mini SOP events check out Bodog’s website. Buy-ins will –of course – be much smaller than those of the real event, but this means that each of these Mini SOP events will award cash prizes to winners and runners-up.

  • Besides the competition in the actual mini tourneys, there will be another competition going on: the one for the Mini SOP leaderboard. Players who finish in the top 4 positions of this leaderboard, will automatically earn a berth in the 27-player Final Table Main Event. One can advance on the leaderboard by playing in as many of the 25 Mini SOP events as possible and earning leaderboard points. Those who finish in positions 5-100, will take part in a preliminary tournament which awards 18 seats in the aforementioned Main Event. Always ready to take a gamble, Bodog will award the remaining 5 seats at the Final Table to 5 wildcards which will be selected at random.
What’s so special about the Main Event? – You may ask. Well, the top 3 finishers will get a truly unique opportunity: they’ll be the first three players qualified for next year’s WSOP Main Event (the real one). Those who finish on places 4-9 won’t be let down either. They’ll get T$109 transferred into their Bodog accounts right away, funds which they can use in whatever way they want to, but which is the equivalent of a buy-in to Bodog’s weekly $100k guaranteed. 


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