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Updated Tue, 2008-03-25 13:53

World Series of Poker 2008 Satellites at Bodog Poker

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If you’re a Bodog player, and you haven’t yet attempted to get your hands on one of the WSOP Main Event packages they offer, then you’re already wasting precious time. The qualifiers have started over a month ago, but worry not. As the date of the Big Dance draws near, there are more and more seats up for grabs per week.

While in February there were "only" three seats awarded each week, in March and April, there will be 4 weekly packages available. In May and June, no less than 5. All-in-all, Bodog will send over 100 players to the 2008 WSOP’s Main Event. Whether you’ll be part of team Bodog or not is entirely dependant on you. There are no excuses: if your bankroll is running thin, you can always take advantage of Bodog’s satellite system to work your way up the ladder and put your skills where your money should be.

If money is not a problem for you, waste no time and buy into the direct satellites. Earning a WSOP package will immediately make you a Bodog team member, a status that carries several advantages like: gaining access to the Bodog VIP lounge where the Bodog girls await you, access to exclusive players’ club parties. You’ll get your own personal handler, and cool Bodog apparel.

Bodog’s WSOP prize packages are worth $12,000 each. The satellite system makes it possible for you to gain access to the semifinals for as little as $1.50 or 100 Bodog points. Being a Bodog player myself, I think I’ll attempt a prize package chase myself, although I reckon I’ll buy directly into the quarterfinals for 1,000 Bodog points. You can also buy in for $7+$1 or $27+$2. One player for every $270 in the prize-pool gains access to the semifinals. If you’re richer than I, buy in directly for $250+$20, knowing that one player for every $12,000 in the prize-pool wins a coveted WSOP package.

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