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WSOP Parties and Entertainment

The WSOP, the most lavish live poker event which seems to get bigger and bigger every year, is not just about poker. It’s also about getting to meet people and rubbing elbows with the best-known players and online poker industry representatives. It’s about building relationships and business ventures. It’s also about partying and just having a wild time. Back in the early years of the Series, entertainment was something the organizers would take care of. The Binions would go to great lengths to make WSOP players feel special. That was a lot of time ago though, and many a thing has changed since. As a matter of fact, some of the players who got to enjoy the Binions’ hospitality back in the days feel downright neglected now: getting a restaurant coupon is indeed a far cry from being served ribs and caviar and having your family invited to tag along.

The WSOP party scene is dominated by various online poker site hospitality suites these days. Some poker rooms only set up a tent where they give stuff away, but most of the top dogs roll out the red carpet to their online qualifiers. Take Bodog Poker for instance. With years upon years of experience in the party business, these guys do indeed do what they preach: party day and night.
Pokerstars couldn’t be left in the dust either of course, but if one wants to meet “name” players, Full Tilt Poker is probably the best choice. The great thing about these poker room parties is that those who win their WSOP entries online get to enjoy them as part of the WSOP package they pick up.
Of course everyone is welcome to join the fun, but for outsiders (namely those who buy into one or more WSOP events directly) access doesn’t come for free.

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