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WSOP 2011 – online qualifiers kicking off everywhere

With spring upon us, a young poker player’s fancy turns to…wait for it… the 2011 WSOP of course. These days, one of the best ways to make your way to poker’s biggest yearly festival is to qualify online. When it comes to online qualifiers, the first thing you need to tackle is poker room selection. That’s right, and those in the know are fully aware of what we’re talking about: while pretty much every online poker room across the board offers some sort of a qualifying opportunity, some poker rooms are just unbeatable in this respect.

Think about all the various qualifying opportunities that you get at Full Tilt Poker for instance. You can aim for the Main Event (like the majority of your peers) or you can just pick out your preferred side event and qualify for that. Those who qualify through a poker room like Full Tilt Poker or PokerStars (or even UB Poker), will enjoy all sorts of additional perks too, and we’re not talking about the hospitality suits set up at the scene of the deed by the various operations. We are instead talking about the out of this world bonuses and rewards that these poker rooms offer their qualifiers in case they make it past a certain point in the event to which they earned their seats.
Some of these bonuses will even eclipse the Main Event winner’s prize, so it’s definitely not small change that’s at stake here.

What options do you have when it comes qualifying to the 2011 WSOP? The most straightforward way is of course to just buy into a direct access qualifier, but that’s a rather costly road to go down for a commoner. There are intricate sub-satellite systems leading up to these direct access qualifiers, which can fetch a seat worth $15k for instance, for as little as $1.
There are the Steps SNGs too, and then there’s the VIP points option, but that may well be the most expensive and least-traveled road of all.

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