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Reviewed by PokerStop . Updated Fri, Feb 23

Bodog Poker Review

50% up to $250

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4 Star Rating: Recommended

Deposit Bonus:
50% up to $250

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About Bodog Poker (Bovada Poker)

A poker room which has embarked on a continuous upward popularity spiral, Bodog Poker is quickly becoming one of the favorite destinations for most online poker beginners and because of that for many better players as well.
If you’re looking for non stop tournament action and some extremely interesting and attractive unique features, Bodog Poker is the place for you. The fish rating here is excellent because of several reasons: Bodog Poker is part of the Bodog group which also includes the world-famous online sportsbook and an online casino. The player traffic flowing between these three venues means that there will be plenty of casino players and sports bettors playing poker at Bodog.
Another reason for the relatively loose and juicy games is that Bodog features some promotions and bonuses which are very attractive to beginners. Even though it had its share of problems surrounding its site’s URL recently, it will probably take much more than a few abusive measures to knock Bodog out of business.

Deposit Bonus:

50% up to $250

Bodog Poker Software

Bodog’s software used to be its Achilles’ heel for a good while with critics, many of whom regarded it as plain ugly. While we all know that looks and graphics are far from accurately describing the overall quality of any online poker software, I need to admit that Bodog’s old software looked overly simplistic. That is not to say I didn’t like it, on the contrary, I enjoyed its simplicity and its straightforward nature. Regardless of that though, Bodog’s software has recently undergone a serious overhaul that completely altered its graphics making it much smoother but retaining all the positive features of its predecessor. Nowadays the Bodog software doesn’t just run smoothly, it also manages to look good within reasonable limits, of course. If you were wondering: Bodog is not a member of an online poker network. No one tells these guys what they can or cannot do and their software is their own in-house creation too.

Bodog Poker Promotions and Best Bonus

Bodog’s first deposit bonus is very deceiving, fortunately it deceives in a good way. It looks downright stingy at first glance, but at a closer look it reveals so many plusses that I have to rank it as one of the best online poker bonuses around. It is basically a 50% up to $250 on the first deposit the player makes. Furthermore, the bonus lands in the player’s real money account within 48 hours of sign-up, thus it is usable in real-money play almost straight away. It needs to fulfill the play-through requirements before it can be cashed out though, but those requirements are pretty advantageous as well.
There are no reload bonuses currently on offer at Bodog, but there is an ongoing Poker Points promotion. Poker points accumulated this way can be used for different purposes (merchandize, tournament buy-ins etc.)
Their “refer-a-friend” promo is also quite generous and encourages players to bring their friends and relatives along onto the tables.

Bodog Poker Tournaments 2018-2019

The tournaments featured at Bodog are not really out of the ordinary. The buy-ins featured are about the same as those offered by other poker rooms. No outstandingly high-buyin MTTs or STTs here, yet these tournaments are still extremely popular because of a few unique and daring marketing-tricks employed by Bodog. The beginner STTs are rookie-oriented Single Table tournaments which are unique to Bodog. In these SNGs, more places are rewarded with prizes than in usual games. That means the prize-pool is split up into several smaller chunks, and the eventual winner will get less than he would in a regular tourney, but the fact that half the entrants walk away with some cash from the table, makes these STTs extremely attractive for those who know they lack in skill. They’re great training grounds for beginners. Bodog Poker is the only online poker room to feature a completely free, pretty well rewarded freeroll for its members. One doesn’t have to deposit any money or even open a real money account for that matter, to gain access to this freeroll. Bodog also features a very attractive $100K guaranteed tourney to which the buy-in is $100, as well as satellites to various WPT and WSOP events.

Bodog Poker Special Offers 2018-2019

As far as special offers go, Bodog has recently started a promotion which takes the value of the 10% sign up bonus to 110%. The 10% unlimited match on the first deposit stays as it is, players will get that up front. In addition to that though, during the first 30 days following their sign-up, players get $1 for each batch of 10 Bodog Poker Points they generate. This bonus is limited to 100% match of their initial deposit, or to $500, whichever comes first.
Poker Points – which this whole setup is depending on – are also earned in a pretty unique way. You get up to 1 such point for each pot that is raked (depending on the size of the pot and the rake), and you get 3 such points for each dollar you pay in tournament fees. Nothing unusual so far, but get this: at Bodog you earn poker points for the time you spend at the tables. For every hour that you spend playing you receive an additional 1 poker point, and you even get that for play money tables. This makes Bodog the only poker room which actually pays its players for play-money action. After all, your time is the most valuable resource you invest into playing poker, and if you look at it that way, the setup makes a lot of sense indeed.

Bodog Poker Accept US Players

Bodog Poker continues to accept US players, and there is little secrecy surrounding the fact that they partly owe their huge popularity-surge to this fact. While US players continue to be welcome at the site, Bodog is experiencing all sorts of problems related to patent infringement. Whether these problems come as a consequence of their attitude towards the US online poker market is not clear, but I suppose all of you have noticed the several URL changes that the site has adopted recently. It almost looks as if someone is trying to put them out of business, however the claims laid by 1st Technology Inc. could be well founded and with no direct ties to Bodog’s policy regarding American players.
Anyway, after several URL changes, the site is 100% operational and Bodog’s owner assures players that it’s only a temporary change meant to keep things on track until the legal issues are sorted out.

Bodog Poker Support

Besides the industry-standard email support which is knowledgeable, relatively fast and efficient, Bodog Poker features a 24/7 live phone support as well for problems that bear no postponement.
The site features an article section which is a downright poker school for beginners, with a wealth of information on different in-game situations and strategies.

Deposit Bonus:

50% up to $250




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