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Updated Sun, 2014-06-22 08:35

Play for $1 Million This Summer at Bodog Poker

Bodog Poker Promotion

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With summer all over us, and with the WSOP roaring on, online poker operators everywhere are out to grab the attention and the bankrolls of their customers with various tournament-series-like promotions in an attempt to more or less emulate the WSOP experience for those who cannot afford to buy into the real deal. The idea is obviously a hit, as it brings lots of extra value to the table for online poker players. Bodog Poker’s Summer Million Poker Open is a perfect example in this respect.
The SMPO kicks off on July 7 and wraps up on July 27, covering the bulk of the month, featuring no fewer than 70 poker tournaments and it is set to hand out $1 million in guaranteed prizes.
Sign up to Bodog Poker now or make a re-deposit and re-activate your account. The opportunity the SMPO brings to the table is just too good to ignore!

While the Series itself only kicks off on July 7 as said above, the actual promotion gets going much earlier. On June 23, qualifiers will already be running, offering Bodog Poker players the chance to grab a seat in the SMPO for as little as $0.11.
There are satellites that cost $162 too, which obviously represent a more direct path to the SMPO, but the much cheaper opportunities are obviously more attractive for the rank-and-file crowd. Qualifies run every day through the promotional period, so players will get plenty of chances to grab their seats as cheaply as possible.
The SMPO itself is a spectacular tournament extravaganza, which starts off on Monday, July 7, at 8:04 PM, with the Warm-Up event which costs $22 to enter and which features a guarantee of $15k. Those who find the early going way too shallow will be glad to learn that the official start of the Summer Million Poker Open is only signaled by the $82 Kickoff event, which features a $20k guarantee. Event #1 of the Series is the $5.50 Turbo SS, which comes with a $3k guarantee. Everything considered, there’s a good chance indeed that the above said guarantees will actually be exceeded come crunch-time.

Obviously modeled after the WSOP, the SMPO will feature events like the $22 “Thousandaire Maker” which features a $2k guarantee. The Main Event is set for July 27. If features a $109 buy-in and offers a $100k guarantee.
Open a Bodog Poker account right now to take advantage of the Summer Million Poker Open. While the buy-ins on the SMPO events are reasonable indeed, you should try to satellite your way in nonetheless.

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