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HORSE Poker Rules and Startegy

In high buy-in live poker events, letting just one type of poker variant decide the winner is often not an option. One way to level the playing field and to make sure it is indeed the player with the best poker skills who takes down the first prize, is to let players battle it out in mixed games. Mixed games put players under stress from a variety of perspectives, and therefore are a much more accurate measure of one’s overall poker skills than any poker variant by itself.

HORSE is a mixed game variant featuring Holdem, Omaha, Razz, Stud and Eight or Better  (Stud Hi/Lo) by adopting a different poker variant in each round. First, there’s a limit Holdem hand, followed by a limit Omaha Hi/Lo one. This is followed by a Razz hand, a 7-Card Stud one and finally a Stud Hi/Lo one. All the games are played in Limit mode.

There are a set of particular rules to make sure the game stays fair. In this respect, the button is frozen between the Omaha and Razz rounds, to make sure no player pays 2 Big Blinds or skips one when it comes to games which require blinds.

HORSE is offered online too, and it is fairly popular in live events. The WSOP’s $50,000 HORSE event is the largest buy-in tournament in existence.

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