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Razz Rules and Strategy

Razz is basically 7-Card Stud played for low hands only. In Razz, there are no 8-or-better low hand qualifying conditions in place. Straights and flushes will not count against your hand either, and pairs won’t be excluded from it.

The game uses the “California” system to rank hands, and therefore the best possible hand in Razz is the A,2,3,4,5. Note that in Razz the Ace is always low.

At the beginning of a game of Razz, all players who intend to take part need to ante up. After the antes are placed, players get three cards from the dealer, two of them face down and one of them face-up. The player who has the highest face-up card needs to pay the bring-in. If there’s a tie, suit can be used for tie-breaking.

The bring-in is followed by the first betting round. Players will be able to fold, to call the bring-in or to raise it.
The first betting round is followed by 4th street, which is another face-up card. Betting follows again and then 5th street: yet another face card. It is always the player with the lowest showing partial poker hand who acts first in a betting round.

6th street is another face up card and the last card that each player gets is another hole card. In the end, all those who remain in the action will end up with 3 hole-cards and 4 face cards. Starting from 5th street, all betting rounds will feature the higher limit of the betting range.

At showdown, it is the best 5-card lowball hand that wins. It will sometimes happen that there is a tie for the winning hand. In this case, the pot is always split: suit will not be used to break the tie under such circumstances.

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