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Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo

7-Card Stud Hi/Lo is played according to the same rules as 7-Card Stud Hi, at showdown however the best poker hand only takes half the pot, the other half belongs to the lowest hand. In order to qualify for a low, a player needs to make a 5-card hand out of the 7 cards dealt to him during the game, which contains cards lower or equal to 8 only. If this condition is not satisfied by any of the hands involved, it means there is no qualifying low and thus the entire pot belongs to the best high hand.

A player will also be able to scoop the entire pot by making both the best high hand and low hand with his/her 7 cards. The cards one uses do not have to be the same for the high hand and the low hand although they can be if it so happens.

Here’s how the gameplay goes: each player needs to place an ante before the cards are dealt. After all participants place their antes, they each get 3 cards. 2 of these cards are face down hole cards, one of them is a face-up one. The player whose face card is of the smallest value needs to pay a bring-in. After the bring-in is paid, the first betting round begins. Players can choose to call the bring-in, to fold or to raise it. The first betting round is followed by another card dealt face-up, which is followed by yet another betting round. 5th street is another face card followed by betting (in which the stakes move to the higher limit). 6th street is a face card too, followed by betting and 7th street which is dealt face down.

The showdown decides the winner of the pot. Pots can be won by making all opponents fold.

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