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Updated Sun, 2009-11-08 13:35

$100k Guaranteed Every Week at Bodog Poker

Bodog Poker Promotion

Deposit Bonus:
50% up to $250

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US Accepted

Bodog Poker is host to possibly the most underrated tournament of the online poker world: Their $100k guaranteed offers huge prizes with tiny qualifiers – definitely worth checking out!

As nice as it is to have big one-off tournaments, at the end of the day it's the sites that are prepared to offer you loads of dosh every week that get our vote, and winner of the week is most defiantly Bodog Poker with their $100k weekly guaranteed prize pool tournament.

The $100k guaranteed prize pool tournament has become such a staple of the online poker community that the online poker press seems to have forgotten all about it, and I'm saying enough is enough! After all, we don't want anyone thinking that we're taking it for granted; heaven forbid the good people at Bodog Poker might take it away.

The $100k guaranteed prize pool tournament is, as Bodog Poker says, the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Getting started at 4 pm on Sundays there's usually around 450 people or so taking part which means that whilst the prize is big, the field is relatively small. The last Sunday $100k guaranteed prize pool tournament was won by northkato who must have been very pleased with the $25,000 first place prize. There's got to be nothing better than walking into the office on a Monday morning after a win of that sort….or so I'd imagine.

There is a direct buy-in to the $100k Sunday tournament of $150 + $12, however there's lots of other way in too, making this a tournament that's really accessible to all. The Cheap Seat qualifiers for example run every day twice a day and cost just $1 to enter.

Now you understand, why some horn hooting needed doing about this tournament: remember, that as sparkly as new promotions look, it's the ones that come every week that are often where the better bets lies.

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