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Updated Wed, 2010-05-12 10:22

The King of the Felt at Bodog Poker

Bodog Poker Promotion

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You know you’re the King of the Felt, but now you can prove it to every-one else at Bodog Poker and win some big cash prizes along the way.

It probably wouldn’t be so much fun being born into royalty; you never get a normal life, too much pressure, no choices, but what if you could accumulate royal stature during your life thus gaining all the benefits but forfeiting all the rubbish bits. Well, we can’t say that that’s exactly what Bodog Poker is offering but the online poker site is offering the poker equivalent, and that isn’t half bad.

The King of the Felt promotion at the online poker site Bodog Poker is a means by which you can prove your worth and rise heads and shoulders above your counterparts to win your share of the royal bounty, $1,000 in heads up prizes, and maybe even go on to win your seat in the 2011 World Series of Poker. It’s incredibly easy to qualify for the King of the Felt promotion; simply place in at least 3 sit n’ go tournaments at Bodog Poker in one week and you’ll be sent a ticket to a weekly draw. The more sit n’ go tournaments you place in, the more you’ll receive. For example if you place in between 6 and 8 sit n’ go tournaments in a week you’ll get 2 weekly draw entries and an entry to the $1k freeroll; place in 9 or more and you’ll get three draw entries, the $1k  freeroll entry, and a $500 freeroll entry.

But how does all of this make you king of the online poker sites, we hear you ask! Well, if you’re name is drawn then you will be invited to play against the reigning king. This is a heads up match with a $1,000 winner takes all prize. Should you hold onto your crown your prizes will simply get bigger and bigger, working up to a seat at the WSOP 2011.  In addition to the actual prizes, you could also get added to the King of the felt High Score Board if you manage to hold onto your crown long enough, placing you amongst the most prestigious kings of King of the Felt, both past and present.

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