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Updated Sun, 2009-08-16 11:27

Travel the World with Bodog Flight Club

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The Bodog Flight Club has already sent players to some of the best, biggest, and most famous poker tournaments of the year including WSOP, LAPT, and EPT. If you're only just wising up to the joys of the Flight Club, don't worry - it's not too late.

Over 30 Bodog players have been sent around the world courtesy of Bodog Flight Club packages, reaching as far a field as San Remo and Punta Del Este, but there's still a few winners to be decided upon and a couple of top class locations to reach.

If you're quick off the mark, you could still make it to the WPT Marrakech Flight Club semi-final that will be taking place at Bodog on Monday August the 17th, but if you miss that, then here's a date for your diary that you must write in. Monday September 21st at 9 pm ET the Flight Club Dutch Open Semi-final will be taking place, and if you want a Bodog seat in this fantastic tournament, the crème de la crème of European championships, you should be there!

Buy-ins to fight club qualifiers start from just $1 for the Cheap Seat qualifiers, whilst the Flight Club Semi-finals can be bought into directly for $250. If you don't like either extreme then there's plenty to choose from including last chance tournaments at $27 or $54, and Flight Club Points Tournaments for 100 PTS.

The competition in both the upcoming semi-finals will be steep with 1 player for every 48 entries winning a package, but what a package it will be. The Marrakech package is worth $12,000 and includes travel and accommodation, buy-in, spending money, a Bodog sway bag, extra bonuses based on your performance, and of course your own articles following your progress.  

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