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Updated Sun, 2008-04-06 13:09

Everest Poker Software - Play Poker Online

Everest Poker

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If you decide you’d like to get up close and personal with Everest Poker, click our download button, and get their client software for free. The download will be lightning fast, as it only transfers about 288Kb of data onto your computer. Everest Poker advertise their software as the fastest downloading one in the business, but the 288Kb kit only contains the actual program that transfers the whole of their software. Save the kit, double click it to start, or just start it up remotely and let it begin the actual downloading. Everest Poker’s software is very competitive indeed, there is no way it could actually fit into a 288KB archive.

Because of this, you have to make sure your internet connection is live when you begin installation.
If your firewall is giving you headaches and you cannot seem to be able to get the better of it, contact your network administrator or – if you’re playing from your own home computer – the Everest Poker support. They’ll assist you as they can trouble-shoot these kinds of problems perfectly.

Once the Everest Poker software is installed, it’ll connect to the internet automatically. Again, make sure your connection is on, your firewall allows Everest traffic and no anti-virus software is set to block your attempts.

Everest Poker is famous for having its software featured in a multitude of languages. You’ll be prompted during installation to choose your language: make sure you tick the right one.
After installation is complete, you’ll have to create an account (you can choose a language here as well). Make sure you provide an existing email address because you’ll have to confirm that it is indeed you who just became an Everest player. The main lobby and tables are accessible without a valid Everest account too, however you won’t be able to play that way.