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Updated Wed, 2008-10-29 11:35

Everest Poker VIP Program

Everest Poker

Deposit Bonus:
$1000 bonus

Bonus Code:

US Accepted
Everest Poker’s VIP program is obviously aimed at retaining its customers, with special care paid to their truly valuable players. Players who play many raked hands generate loads of rake, and need therefore be tempted to hang around and continue their successful antics. Everest Poker’s Summit Point program is meant to achieve just that.

Through real money play in cash games, STTs or MTTs, players generate rake for the room, for which they are rewarded with Summit Points. Every $1 contributed in rake by a player, earns 1 Summit Point. Every $1 paid out in tournament fees is rewarded with 8 Summit Points.

These summit points are needed for bonus redemption. Each of these summit points will unlock $0.07 of your bonus, which means that you need 14.28 Summit points to get $1 of your bonus cleared.

Bonus redemption is not the only thing Everest’s Summit Points are good for. They can buy players’ way into Summit Point tourneys (where they’ll pocket more SPs), they can buy players into real money tournaments (at the exchange rate of 250 SPs/ $1), and they can be used to purchase Everest merchandize from the site’s VIP shop.

The VIP Summit Club, Everest Poker’s newest VIP reward program will treat high volume players to a whole array of new offers. They’ll be eligible for SP bonuses of up to 750%, they’ll have their own personalized support, they’ll be allowed to convert their SPs to cash, up to $5,000’s worth per month, and they’ll enjoy priority at live tournament registrations.
It looks like a whole new VIP system is about to take over on Everest, one in which their high volume players will certainly find enough of a motivation to stay loyal.