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Updated Wed, 2008-01-16 07:13

$1 Million Guaranteed

Everest Poker Promotion

Deposit Bonus:
$1000 bonus

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US Accepted

Everest Poker Promotion: $1 Million Guaranteed!

Everest Poker’s Avalanche promotion (a.k.a. the $1 Million guaranteed) is one of the landmark events of the online poker industry. The massive guaranteed tournament has been around last year too, for 2008 though, some significant improvements have been made regarding the qualifying structure. This way, more people can qualify through the satellite system offered.
The Avalanche is a superlative event in every respect. The $3,000+$150 buy-in that the main event requires says a lot about the quality of action one is likely to encounter in it, as well as the quantity and quality of the prizes. The eventual first place finisher will walk away with at least $200,000 and even the last person at the final table gets $10,000. The final table won’t be played online. Those who manage to reach the top 10 will be flown to an exotic destination where the proceedings will be played out live. Not only will all their expenses be covered for the weekend trip, they’ll be allowed to bring a friend along too.

Being advertised as a truly large-scale event meant for poker players of all skills and bankrolls, the Everest Poker $1 million guaranteed is accessible via a large selection of online qualifiers and sub-qualifiers. It is theoretically possible for a player to make his way up to the final table having started on as little as a $3+$0.3 sub-qualifier. These satellites run daily, together with the $11+$1 ones, and are called “round 1 satellites”.

Round one satellites offer players access to round 2 satellites, to which the direct buy-in costs $100+$9. (If you reckon you have the money and that your bankroll can afford it, no need to play the Rd. one satellites, buy-in directly to round 2). Round three satellites are one step further up the ladder, available to those who climb up from the Round 2 ones or for those who pay the $500+$30 direct buy-in.

Round 3 satellites provide access to the Avalanche final, which stops when the final table is reached. The last remaining players go on to play live

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